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I founded Kleen Sky Distribution with the intention of trying to make the world a better place by finding, developing and bringing to market technologies that are "green" and disruptive to the status quo.

While finding and developing the technologies is pretty straightforward, displacing existing legacy technologies is the fun challenge. Often we are up against large industries that profit from the status quo. It is the vision of "Doing the right thing" for the environment that keeps us driving forward.

I appreciate any support you might offer to our efforts such as becoming an active dealer or helping us spread the word.

Warmest regards,
Steve Hayes, founder

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Who We Are

At Kleen Sky Distribution, New England's premiere source for Odorox® products, we offer technologies that are making our world a better place. Not only do we supply the Odorox®units and parts, we also offer you the support and tools you need to suceed:

  • Product Stocking
  • Odorox Replacement Parts shipped nation-wide
  • Training and Support
  • Sales Assistance (for our dealers)
  • Marketing Assistance (for our dealers)

Kleen Sky Distribution

New England's only local supplier of Odorox® products
Kleen Sky Founder Steve Hayes
19 Town Landing Road Falmouth, ME
Phone: 207-415-0083
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Web: www.kleensky.com
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